Thursday, 1 September 2011

My first...kind of rare bird

Yesterday i checked many little ponds and gully's looking for warblers and shorebirds.At second pond i seen many snipe, a fall blackpoll warbler,a king fisher and a grey checked thrush !
I then checked a few other ponds but tured up nothing.Then while on the drive home i seen a flock of plovers fly over ruby line.My dad and i followed them to a litlle muddy patch of grass next to a house.

The area where they landed could be good place to check if it was a little more wet.I'm talking to a land owner in the Gould's to put a small pond on his proprety about the size of ruby line pond just for shore birds.I think if something like this did happen it could offer some great shorebird finds !

They only stayed for about 5 minutes but it was cool to say i followed plovers to a new birding location !

After all this i thought it was a pretty rewarding day ! Then my dad suggested a little pond he knew about just before mount pearl by the Robert E Memorial highway.When we got there i seen the government had put a duck trap in the middle of the little pond to catch ducks for banding ! There were lots of ducks there.Then a little spotted sandpiper flew to the other side of the pond.I thought its only a spotted sandpiper so not really worth taking a picture of.Good thing i did because when i got home and looked at my pictures it turns out it was a solitary sandpiper !!

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