Monday, 9 July 2012

Bird Feeder Update & More !

I know i have been extremely slack with the blog over the last 2 months ! Sorry !
I have been extremely busy with work and preparing for my............ TRIP TO THE ARTIC !!!!!
I applied for a scholarship with students on ice and actually got it ! So what i will be doing is flying to Ottawa on the 29th then i will be boarding a massive ice breaker with biologists and scientists and also youth my age with the same interests. There we will leave and go to many places including: northern Labrador,Baffin island, Iqaluit, and either Iceland or Greenland !!!!! Needless to say I'm extatic !!!!!!!

This picture came from here

My bird feeder has finally got some birds coming to it each and every day ! They include: black caped chick a dees, juncos, purple finches, pine siskins, American gold finches and a massive flock of juvi starlings that destroy suet !!!

On a side note i thought i should mention that i have noticed that there is alot of talk about butterfly's around and i noticed there were quite a few at long pond Saturday morning !

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