Monday, 21 May 2012

Warbler season off to a pretty good start !!

This evening i went out to bidgoods park again. I didn't think i was going to see much because i know birds are most active in the morning, however this evening was the opposite.¨
This birds were responding to my bird calling app on my phone and that offered some great photo oops.
The pictures speak for them selves... oh and i seen my first Wilson's warbler !

Black and white warblers were very interested and attracted to the calls !

I'm waking up at sunrise tomorrow and going back to Nevile's pond, i will post the results tomorrow !


  1. What app do you use for bird calls ?

  2. I go to this webpage-

    You search any bird u want ! when u find a clip you like just right click on the little save icon that is attached to your clip and click save target !
    Hope this helps !

  3. Kool thanks, I'll have to give the site a try, I was using to call some finches and warblers to my feeder today. I have to say it worked like a charm, till I played the wrong sound and scared them all away. Got a few pic out of the effort.