Sunday, 20 May 2012

The 24th of may, Long weekend

I haven't been able to get out birding much because of school and work.But when i do get out the birds very numerous !

Last weekend i was out to bidgoods park in Gould's and seen my first barn swallows of the year along with a grackle and some sparrows even 2 osprey !

Nevile's pond has been coming alive with warblers and swallows that are finally back for the year !
With in 2 weeks they will be nesting and that's when the real fun of photographing them starts !

I can now say Newfoundland is in the middle of spring ! I have compiled a little warbler wish list for 2012 !
It consists of:

Wilson's warbler
Common yellow throat
Black throated green
American red start
Just to name a few.....I know most of them are fairly common and i should see 100% i just never seen them last year.

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