Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Warm Morning at QV lake !

This Morning i got to go birding with a well known local birder which was nice for once to get out and learn some new things ! We headed to QV lake where we studied some of the local iceland gulls and a common gul !

This is my first common gull, i dident expect to see a lifer today.I gess you can never guess what you might see in a day.While trying to get some gull shots buying a few packs of weiners always gets the gulls flying around and trying to snag a snack !

One thing that standed out today from other days was the number of raptors we seen ! when the ducks gulls and peigions all take off you know you have a raptor in the aera.Today we seen a nice adult pregrine falcon and a goshhawlk and a juvi bald eagle !

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