Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Purple Sandpiper-Living on the Edge !

Saturday morning fellow Photographer/Birdwatcher Brad James and i headed to cape spear to see what the wind might have blown in, seeing as now there was not much action around town..
After about a 25 minute search for the resident flock of purple sandpipers we finally seen them fly by, we followed....

We made sure to approach the birds very slowly and kept a close eye on there behaviour so we made sure we didn't disturb them ! After slowly inching our selves closer and closer we couldn't believe how comfortable they are around people ! They were roosting with us just feet away !

At one point the purple sandpipers began taking a bath in a tidal pool ! I thought this was amazing, Ive never herd anyone tell me that they have seen the whole flock of purple sandpipers bathing !
It is defiantly a moment that i wont forget !

Here are just some of the shots i got from the day that i thought you might enjoy:

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