Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bring On The Warm Weather !!

Today was Newfoundland's first taste of SPRING ! And i think i can speak for the province when i say we are done with winter and we can wait to be able to enjoy the nice warm weather and sunny days !

This morning i got to hear the birds singing which in itself was great ! I also installed two more tree swallow nest boxes at Nevile's pond and i checked to see if i needed to replace or fix the hen houses i had installed there last spring.

As you can see the base pipe was about all that remains of this hen house, I tryed a plastic material instead on metal mesh because it was cheaper but it didn't work, so i will replace the hen house its self probley next weekend.The feathers on top are a clear sign that ducks are getting on top of it to preen.Its good that they are not afraid of the hen house but hopefully they will soon see that its not for sitting ITS FOR NESTING !

Soon i will be posting about the new spring arrivals, until then i will keep the blog updated on the hen houses and nest boxes !

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