Monday, 30 January 2012

Quidi Vidi Lake Eagles & Gulls

I headed down to quidi vidi lake this morning to look for the grebe and cormorant that had been spotted there a few days ago.I didn't see the grebe or the cormorant but i did get to see a lesser black-back gull and 2 eagles !
There was about 1500 gulls on the lake which isn't much compared to other days but it was still a fair number.After looking at the gulls and ducks for about 30 Min's i was heading back to the car to go when 2 birders showed up and asked me if i was taking pictures of the lesser black back gull standing right in front of me lol i didn't see it the whole time i was there ! This tells me how much of a noobie i am to gulls.
There was also a fair number of banded gulls ?

Right when i was about to leave the eagles began to show up at the lake and bye bye gulls.
It was amazing to see how fast they can descend from the sky and how quick the gulls pick up on the presence of an eagle.....then again with 3000 eye balls scanning for eagles someones gonna see him

I recently went and started to pay off some new camera gear ! I have decided to purchase the Canon 5D and the Canon 24-105mm lens.Its a pretty big bill for me to pay off, but I'm sure that it will be well worth the wait as i learned with my Canon 300mm F4.

OH and i got my 1.4 extender a few weeks ago ! That combined with my 300mm brings me to 420mm !!

Happy Birding !

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