Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Great Bald Eagle

Over the last 2 years i have had many encounters with bald eagles.
Often times my camera would not focus on eagles when they come close, any photographer can relate when i say this is a BIG piss off !
They are huge birds of prey that are not beyond scavenging as was the case earlier this weeks when one dropped by QV lake for  lunch on a dead duck !

Every time i see one of these huge birds i stop looking at what ever bird i was looking at even if this Bird is rare and stare in awe in the sheer size and power of these birds !
As was the case earlier this week when i seen a jvi lesser black-backed gull on QV lake !
I'm hoping to get out now tomorrow or Sunday for some shots of the wintering birds around town !
Wish me Luck

This is probably my favourite shot i got of an eagle in 2011:

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  1. I like the first shot of the Eagle coming in to get the duck!