Friday, 30 December 2011

Winter Goldeneyes

After seeing a post on NF.birds on Wednesday that chamberlains had goldeneye hanging around and also that there was a female buffel head sticking around i wasn't long heading down Thursday morning.
Even though i didn't get to see the buffel head, i did see some goldeneye and many gulls (not great looks)

I was surprised to see about 15 black headed gulls flying along the shore, they offered some cool photo oops !

So far my bird feeder does not have any action.But I'm sure with in a few weeks it should pick up.I seen a small hawk flying around the Field behind my house chasing little birds so i would assume that, that wont help bird feeder action


  1. Hi, Brendan. Excellent photos! I'm wondering why the gull in the 2nd photo isn't a Bonaparte's. Do you have a photo of the underwing?

    Amar Ayyash
    Frankort IL, USA

  2. Hey !
    Your right on the ID of the gull, im still getting used to ID'ing gulls !
    Thanks !