Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cape Spear & St.Johns

Today i was able to get out birding with Alvan Buckley and his girlfriend, we started the morning by birding cape spear, at first it was a little dull with not much bird activity but the sunrise was quite nice !

Then the brids began to show them selves, we seen a flock of about 76 purple sandpipers which was a first for me ! It was amazing to see how at home they are right next to a raging sea.

They were moving around the shore and eventually landed not to far from us !

Other things we seen off the point were: 9 Dovekie around the rocks (good looks through Alvan's scope) 17 long-tailed ducks flying around in the open water, 2 white winged scooter that had been seen before earlier in the week ( a lifer for me ) and a first winter Bald eagle that soared right over our heads !
Also there were sea duck hunters in a small camo boat just off the point that i don't think helped out our sea watch !

After wards we headed to the town of blackhead and surrounding areas where we seen a huge flock of about 80 American robins and we also herd a pine grosbeak !

We then proceeded to see if we could relocate the sora that Alvan had found the evening before at Kent's pond.With in 20 Min's of our arrival the soara appeared out of the woods and began to feed and drink just meters away !

I had mentioned that i hadn't seen the cape may warbler that had been hanging around gene herzberg's feeder.So we dropped in there and sure enough it was there feeding on the suet (another lifer for me !) as you can see the day was good and just got better !

To finish up the day we headed to Nevile's pond in paradise so Alvan could see the Eurasian wigeon that i found was hanging around the area now for a few weeks

Now when my bird feeders start to get action i will post the species that i am seeing !

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