Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The First Of Winter Birding

So far winter birding has been pretty slow for me with school and work Ive been kept busy.
I did get out today with a good friend and i was surprised  at how frozen everything is.
This cold weather has froze up most ponds meaning ducks are forced into the small bodies of open water, this is great for photography because you can get close to birds that you would normally not be able to go so close to !

Today i was able to go to look for the red bellied woodpecker with no success but i also checked Burton's pond in the MUN campus, which was home to many tuffed ducks ! They offerd great photo opportunities

I cant get enough of these play full little diving ducks, they make a very unique sound and have a strange behaviour. I hope too go back and get some more shots of these little guys !

Also today i went out on a little bird feeder shopping spree i picked up what i hope will do me for quite some time

Now tomorrow morning I'm hoping to go birding with some more experienced birders and i will make sure to post what i see ! Merry Christmas !

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