Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dovekies In Holyrood

After an unsuccessful attempt a few weeks ago to photograph a dovekie, I seen a post on NF.birds talking about hundreds of dovekies blown into Conception Bay and that there was many dead and many more blown inland. In that split seccond i had decided that no matter what it takes i WILL be going to holyrood in the morning.

I knew that by the time i got there most will be gone back out of the bay now that the winds have subsided but i had to go because i knew that for sure a few had to be still hanging around !
The only thing i had not realised was that my dad was going out of town so i had a ride a ride there but no ride back !! So just like any Photographer/Birder would do..I went !

I'm glad i did because i found one individual in a small river outflow. You can read about how small these guys are or even see them from a far but in order to truly take in their small plump size you need to be close.

This will be my last post on the blog as i have decided to team up with fellow birder/photographer Brad James to create....Drum Roll Please.... Newfoundland Nature Projects ! On this new an improved blog you will be able to see what i am up to and also my conservation work.
We will be posting much much more often then i have been on this blog and also we hope to turn it into an informative blog that you can use as a resourse for birding and photography !

I hope you will follow me over to the new blog--------->

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